About AWWshop


This website exists to define what a frontend programming project (HTML CSS JavaScript website) is. It's also meant to show how to get things working by explaining what everything is. I'm not sure if the pages of this website can be considered instructions, though. I mean they are, but they aren't. If you follow a page's information, it's only about that object, not the entire project.

Even though this website is just my stuff for creating a frontend website, it can be considered the Help / Support for the projects / templates.

If you didn't know, HTML Template 1, 2, and 3 are/will-be public domain.

If you're looking for operations, visit Wiki1978.


2019-05-28: Site construction under way.

2019-07-04: Added the Glossary At AWWshop

2019-07-28: Completed the files section.