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Custom File
A custom file is a project file that is unique to the website. The operator utilizes the file anyway it can be used.

Customizable File
A customizable file is an AWWshop project file that can/should be edited by the website operation.

Customizable Folder Name
A customizable folder is an AWWshop folder name that can be changed to whatever you like.


SCSS file
A .scss file can contain SassScript, which will output to CSS for a web server.

Static File
A static file is a functional file from an AWWshop project that does not get edited by the website operation. These types of files are in version so that they can be upgraded.

Static File Name
An AWWshop static file name cannot be changed because of a dependency. A file with a static file name is not necessarily a static file.

Static Folder Name
A static folder name is an AWWshop folder that is in the address of a page or file. Do not change the name of static folder names.