Word: Template (Website)

An AWWshop project has a higher function in creating a foundation for a website. Even though the template is what spits out the style/layout, it is not the layout. The AWWshop definition for a template and layout are not the same.

A template is made up from the core elements in creating a HTML, CSS, and JavaScript website. It's significant because everyone who creates a frontend website needs to deal with referencing the frontend programming files.

AWWshop brings advanced methods in frontend website creation by only utilizing its own code. As problems arose/arise, solutions were/are created. Also, it's not meant to contain all libraries ever created, those are plugged in after a certain point as needed.

If you are trying to figure out how to create a website using JavaScript, then you are probably doing something similar that AWWshop attempts to resolve.

Take Note: You can technically say that the template fits in a design which contains the layout.

So after all that, what's an AWWshop template? It's the attempt to create a website using JavaScript. Along the way things were essential, so a structure gradually formed creating something more than just a layout. To ensure clarity in reference, the term layout is essential.

Each template is gradually more technical in the order of 1, 2, and 3 or Anchor, Deferment, and Devices.