Current Version: 1.8

Name: cookie.js

Object: File

Attributes(s): Static File Name, Static File

Live: /script/library/cookie/cookie.min.js

Master Document:

Summary: A JavaScript solution to browser cookies.

Help: 1.8

More Information

The Cookie class procedures are called to get or set a website cookie. It's great for website customization without requiring a visitor to sign in.

The draw back to this is that a cookie will expire. That means that if a visitor doesn't visit the website before the cookie expires, the visitor will need to configure the setting(s) again.

Note Of Caution

Cookies are restrictive locally when using ports because they don't differentiate a cookie. That means that localhost:80 and localhost:5050 share cookies, so when cookies share the same name, the websites will get/set each others cookies.


The class name is Cookie.

Calling a procedure would look something like: Cookie.GetCookie(CookieName)

There are two customized functions that come from W3Schools, GetCookie() and SetCookie(). The rest are GetCookie() embedded variants.