Current Version: 1.7

Name: deferment.js

Object: File

Live: /script/library/deferment/deferment.min.js

Attributes(s): Static File Name, Static File

Master Document:

Summary: The deferment.js file contains the logic that checks to see if cookie technology is enabled.

Help: 1.7

Dependency: cookie.js

More Information

Deferment initially evolved from creating low security (only HTML and CSS) websites. After HTML Template 1, a website needed to be something more than a low security browser only viewing the HTML/CSS page content. Deferment requires that a website visitor enable JavaScript and cookies in order for the page to render.

All pages utilizing the deferment process need to include line 4 and 7 after the body element.

If you are attempting to change the style, look into deferment.scss. The cookie deferment message is in deferment.js, and the JavaScript deferment message is in deferment.scss.