deferment-1.7.js Help


Helps: deferment.js, 1.7


  1. Deferment is preloaded with template 2 and 3.
  2. var Deferred = WasDeferred ( )

Example Usage

Line 7 is the only applicable line in the following code. It should be called from every page following the deferment pattern.

Set deferment without Global.AddAsset().

Using this next bit of code allows for resources only to be loaded in a certain condition, which is browser JavaScript and cookies on.

1. Deferment.Initialize()

Initialize ( )

This code is called from the template, it allows step two to work.

2. Deferment.WasDeferred()

var Deferred = WasDeferred ( )

This needs to be set for every page to follow the deferment pattern. After that you know that deferment has passed if Deferred is false.